Official Minutes of meeting November 18, 2009, by Andy Barker
Royal Oak Estates Homeowners’ Association
Minutes Of First General Meeting
November 18, 2009 at 7:30 PM
Royal Oak Victory Church
Royal Oak Drive NW, Calgary AB

Representing the Pilot Group:
Elly Bateman
Laura Parsons
Guy Parsons
Andy Barker (Chairman)

Representing the City of Calgary: Alderman Dale Hodges

60 Voting Members

After a 5 minute delay to allow for late arrivals, the Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM, thanking those present for attending, and the Royal Oak Victory Church for making their hall available. Although the total number of Members present fell short of the 64 required for a quorum, the Association By-laws allow adjournment of the meeting for 15 minutes at the same location, at which time the quorum requirement would be met by those Members present.
The Chairman summarized the three main items on the meeting agenda: (1) presentations to provide background information for Members, (2) questions from the floor, and (3) election of the Board of Directors of the Royal Oak Estates Homeowners’ Association (ROEHA). He then introduced Elly Bateman who gave a presentation on the activities and achievements of a small informal group of concerned residents leading up to the eventual formation of the new Royal Oak Estates Homeowners’ Association. Guy Parsons then gave a second presentation that provided an overview of the various amenities in the community, summarized the limitations of current maintenance arrangements and emphasized the importance of an ongoing, higher level of maintenance and investment in those amenities (slideshow, previous page). Questions were then invited from the floor. The main issues addressed are summarized below:

Q - How much is the annual fee likely to be?
A - The annual fee has not yet been fixed. One of the duties of the Board will be to arrive at a fee based on expenditures necessary to maintain and improve our landscaping and amenities. The average homeowners’ association annual fee in communities that enjoy a high standard of landscaping maintenance is around $200, so it is likely that the ROEHA annual fee will be set close to this figure. The annual fee in the Cascades of Royal Oak is currently $200. (An informal poll of Members present indicated that all would accept an annual fee of $200).

Q - How will the fee be collected and what will it cover?
A - The Board will decide on the method of collection. The restrictive covenant on Members’ titles that relates to the annual fee may not enable effective enforcement of collection from non-paying Members. Consequently, the preferred option for collection is through a special tax arrangement whereby the fee is collected by the City of Calgary as an additional item on the regular property tax, and subsequently passed on to the Homeowners’ Association. In the event of non-payment, the City has the power to put a lien on the offending property to re-coup the monies owed when the property is sold. In order to set up the special tax arrangement, at least 2/3 of the Members (in our case 424) must confirm their support by signing a petition.
The fee will cover expenditures associated with, but not limited to, Class A or equivalent landscape maintenance, utility costs for any amenities that are not the responsibility of the City of Calgary, a reserve fund to maintain the existing amenities in good repair, a fund to be used for future improvements or additions to the amenities, and administrative expenses associated with financial accounting, mail-outs, hall rentals etc.

Q - Is the Birchwood Properties development between Royal Birch Road and Royal Birch Terrace also part of Royal Oak Estates?
A - No, Birchwood Properties appear to be using the name Royal Oak Estates for their development of narrow lot homes for marketing purposes, but their development is not part of the original Royal Oak Estates as developed by Citiland. The original Royal Oak Estates has very different architectural standards. According to Citiland, Birchwood approached Citiland with a request to use the Royal Oak Estates name for their development; Citiland refused their request, but Birchwood continued to use the name anyway. The Royal Oak Estates Homeowners’ Association covers 635 homes. A map showing the location of these homes can be found on the Association web site,

Q - There is evidence of build up of silt in the ponds adjacent to the gazebo. Are there any plans to deal with that?
A - The City of Calgary is responsible for the condition of the storm water control ponds. Silt levels are checked periodically (they were measured earlier this year), and dredging operations will be employed if silt build up exceeds acceptable levels.

Following the question period, nominations were accepted for the ROEHA Board of Directors. The ROEHA By-Laws state that the Board should comprise not less than 3 and not more than 7 Directors. To provide continuity during initial establishment of the new Association, four of the existing Pilot Group members agreed to be nominated as Directors, and to remain on the Board for a minimum period of one year if elected. There were three additional nominations from the floor. The seven nominees were Elly Bateman, Laura Parsons, Andy Barker, Guy Parsons, Stephanie Kawiecki, Sharon Hiebert and Lee Burton. A motion that this Board of Directors would be acceptable to the Members was carried unanimously, and the Board was duly elected.
The meeting was adjourned at 8.55 PM.