Fence Maintenance

Aug 27, 2020

Fence Maintenance Instructions (for Estate properties along Royal Oak Drive NW)

Sand (or sandblast) the old paint down until smooth removing as much of the rust as possible. Then mask the area off so overspray won’t get on the wall. Spray paint a Rust Primer on the metal, let dry to the touch, this will only take around fifteen minutes. Once dry, you can paint with any metal paint or a Rust paint like Tremclad Deep Green 27086B522 – 340 g Aerosol. Wait for it to dry before removing masking tape and paper/plastic. If painting the entire fence panel, it can be removed from the brick posts, for easier sanding and  painting access.

For re-attaching the stone blocks on the bottom of the fence, remove the stone, clean off the old glue with a scraper like a putty knife. Put the stone back in place to see if its level, if not add some sand below it and tamp it down to make it more stable. If you don’t have a tamper, a two-by-four block of wood and a hammer will suffice. Once the base is level, put construction adhesive, for example Lepage PL Exterior Construction Adhesive, on the back of the stone and push it into place. It should hold in place and be dry within a couple of hours, if it doesn’t stay, you can block it up with something heavy until it dries.